Leila Philip

ἐκ- out of     φράσις- to speak


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Ekphrasis: Writing From Art

In this course students will experience the practice of ekphrasis,  “the literary representation of a visual art,” (Heffernan). Students will learn how to look at, evaluate and take in a range of artworks, read models of ekphrastic texts along with other writings aimed at enlarging understanding of visual art, then each week, students will try their hand at ekphrastic writing. From the Greeks onward, the practice of Ekphrasis has resulted in vibrant literary output, particularly in the field of poetry. This course emphasizes the generation of creative writing in a museum setting, but students will also  practice editing skills in the workshop sessions, conduct library research on particular artworks and develop strategies and approaches to revision. No previous experience of creative writing necessary.

In spring 2017, students created an "Art Happening" in the Worcester Art Museum called Guerilla Poetry. For the 2018 spring session, in addition to trying their hand at fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction, the class worked together to put on a podcast tour based on podcasts created by the class. 

The 2018 podcast tour was a featured event for Massachusetts ArtWeek. 

These podcasts have been published on iTunes as part of the series titled Alone Together. Listen to them here. 

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